17 May 2021

Why One Should Avoid Lipo Laser?

Lipo laser is very much helpful for those who want to remove fast from a different part of their body very quickly. Here lasers of different wavelengths are applied to melt the fat and then those are removed from the body by using a different suction method. Again with the decrease in the wavelength of lasers the penetrating power of laser increases and thus, more fats can be burn reduced like that. But in most of the cases, it is seen that people do not afford this technique of reducing fat because of the high cost.


You can remove fat from your specific body part by this process very quickly, but here you will not be able to remove stretch marks and cellulite and so if you want a permanent solution then you have to continue your exercises and diet plans also after this treatment. There are several medical conditions where this treatment can help a lot but there are also situations when not to use a lipo laser/LED machine can be a great decision of yours. The different side effects for which this treatment must be avoided are mentioned below.

  • If you remove too much fat from one part of your body, then you can see lumpiness in your skin. For this roughness will be appeared in that part of the body. Sometimes you can face problems with the smoothness of the skin after the surgery. These lumps may appear abnormally in your belly region. Sometimes you may also find fluids in the surgery region which are termed as a seroma. So in those cases sometimes again a surgery must be done. If you do this treatment then sometimes you can see burning sensation in your skin and so, in that case, you must consult with a doctor.
  • Again this treatment must not be used if you are pregnant. Sometimes pregnant women do this treatment, and then they suffer from different complications.
  • Although this is very rare, your intestines may be injured during the surgery for removing fat from your belly area.
  • Sometimes people also suffer from pain in the surgery region as this lipo laser sometimes burns the skin during the surgery and this can lust for 3 to 4 months also.

There are also some other cases when not to use a lipo laser/LED machine can be a great choice. Again if you want to do this treatment, then you should always go to a renowned doctor.