21 September 2021
Guides of choosing safety infant car seat

Guides of choosing safety infant car seat

It is always advisable to go for the right products, especially when you are buying for infants. When purchasing infant items like convertible baby car seats, you should know how to install them on your car. Surprisingly in some hospitals, they don’t discharge the mother until they ensure the child will be safe from the specialized baby car seat.

Fortunately, you can now find quality baby seats in the market; all you have to do is to choose the suit your car preferences. The following baby car seat guide will help you in selecting a suitable baby car seat:

Choose the one buckled securely on the seat

One of the easiest of choosing the baby car seat is to go for the ones buckled safely on the car seat. It should also be able to lift off and portable with handles. It is convenient because you can use it to lift the baby from your home or travel with your baby while they are strapped on the seat.

Baby car seat facing backward

convertible baby car seats

The safest infant car seat is designed facing backward until they reach one year of age when you can shift them to booster seats facing forward. When your infant is 18 pounds and one year old, you can now move them to forward-facing centers. Additionally, once they also reach the same age group, he can be heavy to carry along the way.

Convertible infant car seat

Convertible baby car seats are another useful type of baby car seat. Most of the infants’ car seats are placed backward-facing when the baby has outgrown their seats, but still, they aren’t; older enough placed forward-facing. Therefore, the convertible infant car seat can be transformed facing forward until they reach 40 pounds or even more. Convertible infant car seats usually come with a five-point harness buckled at the chest and below.

Booster seats

Once your infant has reached 40 pounds and over, you can transfer them to a booster seat. This seat has a smaller base that keeps the child safe and also enabling them to use a standard seat belt on the car. A booster seat is designed with a little base that ensures the baby is secure through the journey. It also allows the kid to use a regular vehicle seat belt. They will continue sitting on a booster car seat until they weigh 80 pounds.


Based on the thumb rule, infants and children under 12 years should be seated at the back but not at the front seat. The safest place is usually at the center of the back seat. The reason behind it is because the airbags at the can harm the kid. Therefore, always don’t allow your baby to sit in the front seat even if you’ve installed convertible baby car seats.