1 February 2023
Why do people wear wedding rings

Why do people wear wedding rings

Wedding is an auspicious moment in every couple’s life. People get married as they would like to be in company of each other for life long. There are different cultures and marriages are performed in different styles. The customs and rituals which are performed during the marriage would vary from one culture to other culture. However, one common thing which is performed in most of the cultures is exchanging rings.Wedding rings are symbol of love and purity.

The couple who decide to get married with each other would take oath and exchange wedding bands which is promise made to each other to be loyal and live together lifelong. To identify of a person is married or not people usually see if there is a ring in the left-hand ring finger. It is mostly followed ritual in most of the cultures. Universally most of them have the formality of exchanging rings during wedding.

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There are many designs and different patterns of rings available in market. Since the ring has to be worn in the ring finger throughout the life it is important to make the right choice. One of the important things which the couple will have to keep in mind is that while selecting the ring they should make the right choice. The quality of the ring should be certified and should have warranty. The couple would buy the ring with the intention of using it for life time. It is important that the ring should be brought from a reputed service provider so that the ring is confirmed to be of good quality.

There also should be lot of options available from which the couple should be able to choose the ring which fits their requirement. The ring can be of any metal and any design. There are few couples who would like to have a unique design of the ring. Hence there are service providers who can customize the ring as per the couple’s requirement. There are some service providers who not only provide the product to their client but also offer free service for a said period of time in case there is any repair or minor services to be done to the ring. There are some couple who would also like to insure their rings as the cost of the ring might be very expensive. The company or place from where they purchase the ring would also provide the service of taking care of the insurance part.

Let’s see what factors have to be kept in mind while choosing wedding rings:

  • They should be clear on which type of ring they would buy.
  • The quality of the ring i.e. if a diamond,ruby or emerald should be used.
  • Check if the ring is comfortable and fits the finger correctly.


Wedding rings are one-time investment and people would have to buy the best product from reliable source.