10 June 2023
Understanding the Primary Differences of Cloud Hosting & Web Hosting

Understanding the Primary Differences of Cloud Hosting & Web Hosting

The modern business environment means that there’s always something better for you to try. In the world of technology, businesses are looking for ways to maintain efficiency while cutting costs. And as a business owner, you must always choose the best way to make your business work without having to spend too much. And that’s why many business owners prefer cloud hosting over other kinds of hosting, such as web hosting. That’s why iSeries cloud hosting, AS400, and System i hosting are often used for business-critical applications.

If you’re wondering the differences between web hosting and cloud hosting, it’s better to understand what each of them is first. You will fully realize their potential and what type of hosting service you need. Whether you want to try cloud hosting or web hosting, read on below.

Understanding what Web Hosting Means

Web hosting is when you store site files on one server. With web hosting, it’s possible to display your site every time a user looks for your domain name on the internet. There are also two types of web hosting you need to know, which are virtual and dedicated. Virtual web hosting is when a company hosting the site purchases an amount of space on the server. On the other hand, dedicated web hosting is when the site owner pays for full control over one or several servers. It doesn’t share space with other sites. So it’s more expensive.

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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting refers to the storage that’s located in the virtual space. So instead of paying for the fixed space, all you need to pay for is the resources used. It can store data across multiple computers. Next, the data is then served through networks, like the internet. These servers act as large storage, processor, and space with your website’s data spread throughout a cluster of multiple servers. So if one server goes down, no data is lost. It also means that all of your data, applications, and software are accessible anywhere and anytime.

The Key Differences

The first difference is the control. Web hosting only presents restricted space and power to the user. It can also be provided to one or more customers. On the other hand, cloud hosting consists of several synchronized servers, which allows for a more balanced load.

The resources of web hosting and cloud hosting are also slightly different. Some of the additional services offered in web hosting can be automatic backups, free domain registration, and more. In the case of cloud hosting, the service providers give clients root access to the control panel. They will also assist in chances of disaster recovery. If there are errors, you can turn to another server and continue working.