5 June 2023

Reasons that why Symantec acquired Blue Coat

Nowadays, the cyber threats are diversified  in the world as well as the expanded antivirus provider Symantec is also doing the same thing. The company said that the Blue Coat was acquired the web security provider to Symantec at 4.6 billion, There are five reasons that the company could deal with the blue coat.

Top five reasons

Evolving threats: The first and the foremost main reason is that the threats are evolving . Symantec has been selling the PC antivirus products for more than the year, but nowadays, the PC markets has slumped as well as the cyber threats are getting sneakier and malicious. Nowadays, the complicating matters in the computing system is the rise of the mobile devices and the cloud. Therefore, the cyber attack targets anything with an internet connection. Additionally, all the businesses in the world are run on the web.

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More threat detection:  The second reason that Blue Coat was acquired  by the Symantec is that deal as a good match as well as it provides the endpoint security to the users with the acquisition of Blue Coat. Symantec typically focuses on the device only, while the Blue Coat is the only organization that was specialized on the networking side which includes the management of the encrypted traffic. But Symantec said that they offer the absolute range of products with the best promising security along with the threat detection. Each and every day, the vendor is collecting the large amount of data regarding the latest threats. For Symantec, that means to analyze billions of emails in the PC, while for Blue Coat, it means monitoring the thousands of cloud based applications on the billion web requests through the secure gateways. The combination of both the resources gives the users a better view to know about the malware.

Increased R&D: The Blue Coat security system should have the capability to protect all the things from the devices to the cloud applications.

Much needed enhancement for the sales: Symantec sells a small amount of product to the Blue Coat to get the substantial growth in the cyber security field

A new CEO:  the Symantec becomes the leader in the Cybersecurity, the new CEO of the Blue Coat has been restructured  in the bid to improve the profitability. From last year onwards, Symantec decided to sharpen the company focus on the security as well as sold its some of the information to the management business.