17 May 2021

Online employee tracking system is now available here

Tracking an employee’s work and his time in finishing the assigned task are one of the basic things that a manager requires. This not only informs you of the time that the person is available at office, but will also give you the progress in his work on the task assigned. There are other basic things that can be done with an employee tracking system, like tracking attendance, work hours and can also be used for security reasons.

How can it be used?

An online employee tracking system is often linked to the employee details like his employee ID and can be used to track him and his performance. Thanks to the technology, the latest systems are able to track many other things like recording computer screen, using phone, Audio/video surveillance, email, internet usage, GPS used for vehicle tracking, tracking location etc.

Apart from this, employee tracking can also be used for tracking employee’s performance, compensation, benefits etc.

How does it help?

  1. Performance: Once the daily task is scheduled, the employee deliverables of the employee can be tracked. By knowing and measuring the time taken to deliver his performance, will improve the employee’s productivity. This will also help the manager to estimate the time required to deliver a project as he can estimate the total time required by his team. Depending on the results, the business practices can be estimated which will help to reduce the time wasted by the employee.
  1. With clear estimate on work and time, the client can be billed exactly. This will also be helpful in knowing the billable and non-billable hours of the employee.
  1. Tracking the employee’s attendance with tracking system will help in avoiding buddy punching. This will help in knowing the actual work hours of the employee.
  1. Depending on the work hours, the payroll can be easily calculated. This will also help the HR to streamline the payroll with less time being spent on payroll.
  1. By setting clear objectives for the employee, the employee can keep them as a reference and will be able to be aligned to them. This will also help to keep him engaged and hence will result in fair compensation to the employee.


Online employee tracking will not only help the employeebut is also beneficial for the business. It gives clear idea about the employee performance, attendance while also helping these for business.