3 December 2021
Google WiFi vs Eero

Google WiFi: What You Should Know About it

With the increasing demands of Internet connection in the industry, it’s never surprising that there’s a need to increase network speed. With it comes Google WiFi, the newest creation and the known previous version of Google Nest WiFi. With it, you’ll be able to support your home decent internet speed.

What is it?

Google WiFi is a compact little cylinder, and this idea leaves only a small space to take up. It connects to your router and modem – then distributes the internet through the place. Google WiFi is placed simultaneously at home and gives the signal to every present cylinder for better internet coverage.

Google WiFi is a new addition to the signal boosting family, and it’s quite better. The machinery, although you will still require an internet provider and a modem, will be able to provide network coverage wirelessly throughout your home. Your net speed will be much reliable and extensive internet support to all of the users.

Why is it cool?

Since it connects through your router and modem – the network connection is connected throughout the Google WiFi cylinders. The connection is done through a wireless support. It can cover all the areas of your house. So if you have a room or a location anywhere else that is a dead spot, meaning it doesn’t get much internet, the Google WiFi provides that.

Google WiFi vs Eero

Why are people using Google WiFi?

First of, in most places, one can get this at a lower price with an equivalent Google WiFi cylinders for better coverage. The price alone makes it worth it – since you’ll be getting a better network by the end of the day and a set package of the Google WiFi in just one purchase.

It’s also effortless to set up. Google WiFi takes about a minute of your time to install and hassle-free to configure. It only uses a phone app, and everything is already in it. No more longer manual books to read through to get the gist of the machine.

With the same app, you can change your settings, such as the bandwidth of a particular device. You can also pause the Wifi-coverage like turning off the connection. Another thing about using the Google WiFi app is in there, and you can check its performance and even re-position it if the coverage is messing up.

In the more physical sense, Google WiFi’s cylindrical devices are looking at the part. The devices are built not to take up much space, and it’s very compact. It’s smart-looking so you can put them anywhere in your house making the place tech-pretty.

If you’re looking for a comparison, you can go to Google WiFi vs Eero and check out the detailed version in there between the two.