7 December 2021

All new Symantec that will change the concept of cyber security

Words of CEO Greg Clark of Symantec

Symantec has taken the acquisition of Blue Cost a leading web security service provider for government and enterprises under its wing. With this acquisition Symantec has brought innovation to its products and now the industry is the largest security provide. Greg Clark CEO of Symantec said “When the world is facing different threats from time to time, now I am more confident by delivering our customers with the growth and innovation from new chapters of Symantec. He added further “Now that Blue Coat had become a part of Symantec and we are in better position of resolving the most difficult industry challenges in securing mobile workforce, cloud protection and to stop advance threats”

It is clear with the view that Greg Clark is much confident in his words. There will be an increase in sales and with the teams he has there are no chances for having any kinds of problems. Small and big enterprises can easily see Symantec as a single source for providing all integrated solutions. Now with this execution it is termed that security levels will have a new definition. The Blue Coat and Symantec is now one and cyber security future is bright. The list of buyers will be raised by 75 percent and they all will get the safest cyber security available.


About the company

Symantec Corporation is one of the global leaders providing cyber security to large companies. They have one of the largest internet cyber networks in the world. Services are provided to government agencies, companies and individuals to save and safe any amount of data that is needed. Company has a mission that the more threats they see they will secure more protection to their customers. It was announced that the President and COO will be Michael Fey and Executive chief President and Chief Financial Officer’s seat will be given to Thomas Seifert. The new companies headquarter is situated at Calif’s Mountain View. After merging the new company will have approx $4.2 billion GAAP Pro-Forma revenues in the current year. Only 60% will come from the security enterprise division. On Non-GAAP Pro-Forma the company will have revenues valued at $4.4 billion. In this 62% percent of the revenue comes by security enterprises.

Change of game plan

Symantec has always been looking to add new interventions to make a clear growth in there company. Blue Coat and Symantec is now one and then combining the power of both the future looks more secure. The share prices of the company will rise up and it will be beneficial for both the companies and shareholders. The investors who were investing only in Blue Coat will now have a clear vision in what they are investing. The growth of the company will be high and this will also lead towards an uncertain risk. The risk of having performance level issues, sustaining the result and gathering achievements is more. Due to these risks the impact of the new company will undergo many changes due to new and old connections. These all uncertainties will take some time to undergo and when all uncertainties are controlled then we will surely have a safe and secure cyber future.