25 January 2022
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What are the types of mountain bikes?

Mountain bikes are designed to ride on the uneven and rough areas. Mountain bikes are designed with fat knobby tires that ensures extra traction and appropriate shock absorption. Thus full suspension including front and rear are becoming common in recent models of bikes that are meant to run on the mountain surfaces. As the mountain bikes are less fond of handlebars and there are few varieties that has few inches provided with end bars on the handlebars. The wheels of mountain bikes range from 26 to 29 inches. As larger wheels have more capability and helps in rotational weight to make slower acceleration possibility.

Varieties of mountain bicycles

  • Enduro mountain bike

The weight of mountain bike varies from 30 to 35 pounds. These bikes feature best suspension while travelling around 150 mm of front and rear travel. This has been designed to ride through the rough terrains with ease and satisfaction on the rider part.

  • Downhill mountain bike

The suspension of traveling is 8 and more with these kinds of bikes. The bodies of these bikes weigh lesser than the other bikes to make it comfortable to make it suitable for racing. The construction of these bikes is tough because of the provisions like large and high gears. These bikes are suites for riding down the hill and in the race courses. Mostly downhill travel requires high speed movement that is provided with one chain ring, a large bush guard and a chain guide. This is the popular variety in the mountain biking and the most produced type from xds bicycle.

xds bikes

  • Dirt jumping mountain bike

There are two types of mountain bikes namely urban and street mountain bikes. These are the combination of various kinds of bike. The specific kind is extremely strong and possess up to 0 to 4 inches with front suspension. These are without any rear suspension along with fast rolling, slick and semi slick tires.

Apart from these major varieties, there are various other types like cross country, freeride, trials and single speed mountain bikes. The xds bikes are the manufacturer of all kinds of mountain bikes. If you prefer buying one, then get in to the online site and check out all the kinds of bikes. This online site has huge number of collection that are suspended with more advanced technology. All the equipments are designed in the way where the bike is safe and free from physical damage.c