6 May 2021

Are you employed? Then you need to know the law

There is a very popular statement among many, that one is expected to know the law. While this is applicable in all paths of life, knowledge of the law is very useful when it comes to employment. Knowing the law, and acting fast, will ensure that your rights are protected at the work place.

Office space is no space for discrimination

Many employees complain about discrimination at work. This largely comes up with reference to promotions, but is equally applicable if the employer is behaving in an arbitrary and a biased manner. All employees are entitled to equal treatment, and a breach of this principle by the employer can result in a violation of basic fundamental rights. If you feel that you have been thus discriminated, take immediate action and file for a fundamental rights case according to the prescribed procedure in your jurisdiction.


Keep things written

Whatever job offer you accept, it is always wise to have the conditions stipulated through a written agreement. Of course, in most cases, the employer reserves the right to amend the job description or the place of work, having it in written format gives you firm proof in case you need to contest any action. Furthermore, amending the agreement without your knowledge amounts to a breach of contract, and is actionable in court.

Want leave?

All employees are bound by statutory requirements on working hours and leave. For example, most employees are expected to work maximum number of 48 hours a week. Even though this can be changed upon mutual consent, any sign of duress from behalf of the employer can amount to a breach of contract. Furthermore, employees are entitled to a minimum number of paid leave per year. Maternity leave, paternity leave or shared parental leave options too are available. Be sure to refer to the relevant statutory regulations in your country for specific details.

Minimum wage

Employees have a right to a minimum wage, and this cannot be derogated from under any circumstances. Employees are also entitled to a salary scale without discrimination. However, note that in terms of internships, some countries adopt a no-pay policy. For example, the United Nations does not pay for its interns.

Got sacked?

Principles of natural justice demands sufficient reasoning in case of a termination of employment. If a particular termination was contrary to statutory provisions, or the affected employee has not been given sufficient reasons, the act would be considered as an unfair dismissal.

In such a case, it is advisable to get the help of lawyer in Bundaberg, who are well versed in the law related to this field, and is thus able to guide you efficiently.

Zero tolerance to abuse

Most people, especially women, are subjected to abuse at work. Sexual harassment at the work place has now become a common occurrence. However, this is definitely not something to be tolerated, and it is absolutely essential that you take proper action against the perpetrator. There are strict laws against such acts being committed.