22 March 2023
tree surveys

Tree surveys for developmental purpose

Tree surveys are a very important part of the developmental impact analysis on the area surrounding the particular area. Thus, a tree survey is an important and essential report that any residential or industrial or any other sector requires in the United Kingdom. This job might seem a bit difficult because it involves precise counting of the trees as well as recording the species of trees present around that area. In case of any large-scale development, precise information about the flora of the region is required. Cutting down trees in the area for the purpose of development might cause damage to the environmental status of the area and that is why if you need to cut down trees of a particular area for developmental purposes of any kind you will be required to plat a number of trees as per government regulations. The survey agency you hire will look after all these factors and give you a precise report on the aspect. However, the final verification will be done by the government officers if required or felt necessary.

tree surveys

Surveys for domestic area

Such tree surveys are also carried out for backyard gardens and trees planted in a housing community and this is an important factor contributing towards the determination of the developmental status of that region. According to the law, the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 determines the responsibility of the property owner towards the plantations existing in that region. This includes health and safety tree surveys which also includes the status of a tree in terms of its size and contribution towards the environment.

You can visit the online site of different agencies which offers such services and obtain online quotes for such services. You can choose an only tree based survey or even an entire ecological survey as per your requirement. These are of great help as these kinds of surveys demand a lot of compilation and this requires a heavy amount of efforts. So, an agency can be really helpful in such situations. There are a number of them existing on the market and you can choose one as per your budget.