6 May 2021

Follow these five tips before you buy a sofa

One of the premium furniture pieces that you have to buy is a sofa. It is one of the main furniture pieces that you can actually get a lot of benefits. Considered also as a major investment, a sofa needs a lot of consideration if you want to purchase one knowing that you should not compromise the quality and comfort of it, especially if you are planning to spend a lot of time sitting on it either at your living room.

The best sofa does not just settle on how comfortable it is which is why you need to take up some important considerations when you want to purchase one. It is like test driving a car that you want to buy according to the best furniture company in usa.

  1. Best to try it before you buy it– According to furniture makers, the average sofa has a depth of at least 60-centimeter for its seat that gives enough room to maneuver if you have longer legs and allows you to tuck them if you have shorter legs on the other hand. However, the seat depth has various styles, that is why you have to try out these other styles so that you can get sufficient back support. When it comes to the seat height, the majority of the designs are between 45-centimeter to 50-centimeters high, so there is no exact parameter for the height, so you better try before you purchase it to make sure it best fits your home.
  2. Choose a sofa with a good frame– The better the material of the frame, the better the sofa is because this tells how durable the entire furniture is. You have to take note of the guarantee before you even decide to choose that sofa considering that there are some furniture makers that are very confident about their frames that they can offer you a lifetime guarantee. One way to find a good and solid sofa frame is hardwood, however, particleboard or a metal construction can compromise its integrity eventually.
  3. Feel the cushioning– What is inside the sofa’s cushioning is just as important as what it is used from the outside. The feature-filled cushions are usually comfortable, however, they will need constant plumping knowing that feathers can mold with the shape of those that lay or sit on it, while foam or fiber fillings can flatten out over time which compromises its shape. According to experts, it is highly recommended to have a sofa cushioning which has a combination of feather and foam.
  4. Check the fabric– Regardless if you want a neutral or a patterned fabric cover of the upholstery of your sofa, you have to carefully choose in ensuring that it fits with your home’s scheme. The natural materials usually fade over time especially if the sofa is exposed to sunlight near a window. Make sure that the fabric of your sofa’s upholstery is easy to clean especially if you have a pet in your house.
  5. Measure the size of the sofa– Lastly, you have to measure the size of the sofa’s dimensions and make sure it fits enough in your space. Make sure that it will fit your stairways or your doorways once it is delivered into your home like the online furniture stores free shipping.