1 February 2023
Natural Ways To Keep Period Pain Low

Natural Ways To Keep Period Pain Low

Uniform monthly periods signify good health. While periods trigger a variety of side effects, including bloating, period cramps, hormonal imbalances, cravings, and skin breakouts, they’re proof that a woman is healthy.Periods are made to be painful naturally, butthere are various feminine hygiene tricks a woman can implement to lower the pain, and here are some of them.

Change Sanitary Napkins Regularly

Women health experts recommend changing tampons or sanitary napkins in every 4 to 6 hours. The blood released during menstruation can attract different organisms from our bodies, and if not wiped away, make your blood warm, which can trigger rashes, urinary tract infections, and irritation. By changing your sanity napkins within a period of four to six hours, you help prevent the growth of such organisms and minimize issues with infections.

Discard Your Napkins Appropriately

Poorly disposed sanitary napkins and tampons can trigger the spread of infections and bacteria. Making sure all the towels and tampons are disposed properly is strongly recommended. Wrap your napkins properly before disposing them and ensure you don’t throw them into your toilet as it may lead to blockage. After discarding the towels, wash your hands properly with hot water, if possible.

Wash Properly

After removing the tampons from your body, the menstrual blood-triggered organisms hang on your body. Washing your body correctly after you discard the napkins is crucial. The best way to clean yourself is from the vagina towards the anus. Doing it from the anus to the vagina risks bacteria being transmitted to the urethra opening or vagina, which can cause infections.

Avoid Using Multiple Sanitation Products

The majority of women are tempted to use sanitary napkins and tampons simultaneously when the menstrual blood flow is high.  It’s a good sanitation technique as it helps you stay dry but can lead to infections if not handled with caution.  Using more than one method increases blood absorption, which reduces the need to change the sanitary towels. This obviously leads to more accumulated blood, which also invites plenty of infection-causing bacteria.  It’s strongly recommended you use one sanitation towel and be changing it regularly when blood flow is high.

These are the best feminine hygiene techniques you should observe during your periods to stay healthier and minimize issues with infections. You can learn more about the best sanitation tricks which you ought to follow when experiencing menstrual periods by visiting https://moxie.com.au/. Here, you will as well get to know the best sanitation towels to use as well as the best ways on how to use them to maximize sanitation and minimize infections. Be sure to study the tips for finding the best sanitation towels as well as the foods and drinks you should use to stay healthy.