5 June 2023

Food versus vitamin supplements

In today’s busy urban context, few manage the time to make a decent home cooked meal of actual fresh meats and vegetables. Driven by a fast food culture, due to mass agriculture and the extensive processing of food, very few to almost no nutrients remain in the food on the market. This has resulted in a large portion of the global population lacking in basic nutrients needed by the body to carry out the various functions of the systems. Thus, people have turned to vitamin supplements to obtain the required amounts of vitamins, however, how sustainable and healthy is this practice?

Hidden Cons of using Vitamin Pills

Although the using of multivitamin pills for a vitamin deficiency was considered the best solution, recent studies have shown that this may not be as lucrative as it sounds and is widely being questioned. Find online today high protein bars a wide range of benefits in taking vitamin supplements such as better fertility and enhanced energy, others suggest that the use of vitamin pills may be harmful in the long run. Especially in the US where more people take in vitamin pills in large doses for faster results, suffer side effects in the long term due to taking in excess amounts.


Similar to other forms of wpi protein powder, although they are labeled natural, most are in real synthetically produced and studies show that these forms of unnatural vitamins can do more harm to the body than good.

Unlike when taking in vitamins through food, where in nature they are formed in to packages containing a large number of other cofactors and minerals, in synthetic pills, do not come with the added package of molecules of minerals that help absorb them into the body. These instead are alienated from the body and excreted through urine or sometimes even stored in as fat.

Synthetic versions of vitamins can also be harmful compared to the original organic form. Retinol palmitate and vitamin A are few such vitamins which can be toxic in the synthetic form.

Organic food as a Source of Vitamin

The best possible source of obtaining essential vitamins is through a balanced and varied diet of fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs and meat. If under various circumstances the required levels cannot be obtained, consider taking superfood supplements or food grade vitamins which are much easier for the body to absorb. Other natural supplements such as fish or plant oils, bee pollen and chlorella are healthy and sustainable ways in which to boost all round nutritional levels in the body.