9 May 2021

Eat Clean For Better Health and a Balanced Diet

Clean eating meal plan is a very big influence in our lives. Most people really do not need a strict diet to get rid of fats in certain parts. Not only is not effective in terms of weight and achieve ideal body shape, but also because the root of the problem is not due to excess weight. Fat that interferes in the arm, thigh and abdomen is often caused by a diet that is not balanced. Know how to eat clean, you can remove fats without having to suffer hunger or spend hours on the top of the cardio machines. Want to know what?

1. Expand the fresh food

The cause fat to accumulate in certain food could be because you’re eating too much saturated fat and carbohydrates without fiber sufficient offset. Fiber is needed to dissolve remnants of fat in the intestine so the body is not saved. Try to eat a serving of fresh vegetables and one serving of fresh fruit every day to be more proportional body shape

2. Carbohydrates unprocessed

Most carbohydrates obtained from processed foods such as noodles, pasta, and bread. Whereas these sources require more time to be digested and absorbed inside intestine. As a result, the stomach was bloated and of obstruction. Choose a carbohydrate source that is still and seeds rich in fiber such as oats, quinoa, brown rice and potatoes as an alternative

3. Eat less meat

Meat protein is needed by the body, especially during the formation of the brain, muscles and body. However, when it passed its infancy, it’s good to start to reduce the consumption of meat, vegan lifestyle is undeniably healthier and more streamlined body. Change of protein from vegetable sources such as beans, soybeans, and vegetables.

4. Avoid processed foods

Processed foods will take longer to digest and contains many ingredients that are not absorbed by the body. Moreover, the content in it is also not clear whether or not healthy. Even probably the main cause of excess weight of your body instead of eating too much, but by the accumulated remains of processed foods that are not absorbed by the body.

5. Limiting sugar

Actually, consuming sugar as an additional food or drink that we make in itself is not dangerous. That must be avoided is the sugar found in processed food such as cakes, instant coffee, ice cream, soda and other retail products. Sometimes very high sugar content and far exceeded the suggested amount. If you want to maintain the diet to diet, you should immediately limit the consumption of these products.