7 May 2021
Best doctor for Aesthetic medicine in Barcelona

Best doctor for Aesthetic medicine in Barcelona

Aesthetic medicine is unique from the normal medicines or treatments. As it’s very helpful and doesn’t affect badly for your body. We are damn sure that you’re also get infected by medicines. If yes, then you’re in the right place. Because today we bring an amazing treatment called  Medicina estética Barcelona. This treatment doesn’t affect your body directly. It’s a hundred percent friendly and soft for your body.

Aesthetic medicine Barcelona is the best treatment nowadays. Now more and more people start connected with us. Because they feel the value and advantages of this treatment. So let’s learn more about it:


Doctor Francis Larrue is our specialist doctor. He will provide you the best treatment according to your body, which suits your body. He has a specialist degree in aesthetic medicine, phlebology, facial, and body treatment from a nonsurgical perspective.


We have provided you this treatment in two parts:

  • Facial aesthetic medicine:

We know that with our growing age our skin also gets looser and looser. We get wrinkles and lines on our face. So our specialist Dr.Francis will provide you treatment which helps you to get rid of them.

In this treatment, only face related issues like lip argumentation, mandibular and chin definition, definition facial oval, deep facial hydration, tensioning wires, lifting without surgery 8 points, infected facial mesotherapy, periocular peeling, chemical peel, perfect skin with BB glow, dark circles filling, stuffed nasiogenian grooves, botulinum toxin, treatment of skin spots, etc will be provided.

Aesthetic medicine in Barcelona

  • Body aesthetic medicine:

Due to growing age, pregnancy, accident, and many more reasons our body loses its natural beauty. It’s getting older, poring, loosening, and ugly to see. So our doctor provides some treatments for all of you.

These treatments are anti-cellulite drainage reducers, body tension threads, treatment of spider veins, and varicose veins.

  • General medicinal treatment:

We also have an option for general medical treatment for solving general or common issues of people.

When you book an appointment for general treatment than you will get:

  1. A medicinal diagnosis
  2. A prescription for the pharmacy
  3. Video consultation by registering on the Doctoralia.es portal.

You will get a consultation with our doctor easily by visiting our website. Our doctor will provide you complete guidance, information, details about the treatment. We will clear all your doubts and queries before the treatment so that you will get all the information before treatment and decide.

Your health and body matter more for us. So we will provide you the best treatment through the best equipment or by the best medicines. We choose the best laboratories for your report. Because we value our customers. And serves out best every time for you.