20 October 2021
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Why it is essential to stop driving?

In the road one alone is not travelling huge people are travelling around the places. All the age groups of people are travelling on the road. While considering the older people they may face challenges like physical and cognitive, vision problems and other issues which causes them to drive difficult and sometimes even dangerous. It is not like that every old people should stop driving, you can consult with the doctors and know when to stop driving in California.

There are certain rules followed in California for the senior citizens in driving. They ask to renew the licenses once they turned the age of 70 it usually comes with the eye test and written test. And they also should produce the report of a medical condition by the proper consultation with the doctor. It is inevitable that everyone becomes old and falls with some symptoms of the age with hearing or vision problems. But it is not same for all the persons. Even the age of 80 older could have better physical and would not face any problems. At the same time, 60 aged people can face all the problems.

traffic course

Some have the doubts why older people cannot drive, it has some of the common factors that anyone could face. Vision is the key component in driving When the people become old due to the age factor they have the vision impairment. But good eyesight is very important to read the speedometer and to detect the side roads. Then another factor is hearing impairment and it is also important while driving where one needs to hear the horn of the other vehicle, screeching tires and other sounds in driving.

It is the responsibility of the family member to make their loved one when to stop driving in California they should insist the older people have the proper eye tests and hearing tests often. This makes to save not only the family person lives but also many lives. If they could drive even in older age then you can ask them to learn traffic course online so that they could remember the laws in driving.