15 August 2022
Keep the Memory & Stories Alive with Online Memorials

Keep the Memory & Stories Alive with Online Memorials

Memories and stories are something that we can’t touch, but we can fondly remember. It keeps us happy, and it’s the reason that keeps us going. Without these memories and stories, we wouldn’t know who we are, what impact we have created, and how much we love every day of our lives surrounded by people that care for us. That’s why photos and videos are two of the best ways for our family to remember us and everything we have been through, bad or good. If you have a loved one who recently passed, you probably have a photo album filled with their most memorable photos. But why not make it more permanent through an online memorial?

Let’s celebrate our loved ones’ lives and make sure that they are remembered through online memorials by Memories. Memories is an easy-to-use platform that you can easily share with your friends and the rest of the family. You can put photos in it and put in something meaningful for your loved ones to see. Learn more about this platform, and host an online memorial for your loved ones with Memories.

The Easy Steps to Creating a Wonderful Memorial Page

It’s time to remember your loved ones in the best way possible and share their life with your friends and family through online memorials. Hosting an online memorial through Memories is very easy. First, you only need to register and create your account, where you can start creating a Memorial Timeline for free and personalize it. Once you’re done, you can send an invite to your friends and family through SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Lastly, post photos and videos of your loved ones for all of you to cherish online.

Think of the online memorial as a Facebook profile where you can post everything you want with the memory of your beloved relative or family. It’s the perfect way to capture their memories forever in one easy platform and add more memories that you remember every day.

Share with Family & Loved Ones or Share it Publicly for the World to See

Once you’re done with the online memorial, you can control its privacy in privacy control settings. If you want other people to see the memorial and get to know your loved one, they can access it because it’s in public. But if you want it to be more intimate, where you and your family are the only ones who can access it, you can easily change the privacy settings.

Keep your loved ones’ memories alive with the help of online memorials by Memories. It’s the best form of memorial that will forever stay on the internet for your family and friends to see. Whenever you miss them, just open it and see everything that they have done throughout their lives. Look at the pictures and watch their videos, and celebrate the life they lived in this world.