28 March 2023

Hire Handyman Service for Latest Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you planning to redecorate your home?  You must hire the professional handyman service. There are various jobs that handyman near me in Pearland, TX can do very easily. Your bathroom must not be forgotten when you are planning to create the beautiful home. Right mix of materials and textures will make your bathroom the relaxing getaway. Keeping its design concept throughout the home in mind, you can extend perfect style in your bathroom with new design ideas. Timeless and minimal styles are in mix with some glam designs. Even small spaces can be made to appear bigger with the best style and color combination. When making the beautiful look, do not forget functionality and storage. Such rooms managed getting this all right.

Add mirror walls

For small bathroom, adding mirror across to entire wall will double its feel and look of your room. It is very effective above the vanity or one side of the narrow bathroom. The mirrors are best to reflect light, thus you will get amount of lighting from the light fixtures and windows.

Modern handles and knobs

Small details in your bathroom like light fixtures, doorknobs, towel racks, handles, and others, need less investment. Thus, instead of replacing the cabinets or drawers, you must consider substituting the small hardware. To make this procedure easier, you can check if new alignment is same to holes drilled on your old cabinets. Such step can eliminate cost of creating the new holes.

Refresh your bathroom with natural light

The bright bathroom will make you energized in morning. For this reason, you must make the wider window in the bathroom. Suppose you have the bathroom upstairs, then you may use skylight concept for getting natural lighting in your bathroom. Not just this makes your bathroom feel fresher, but skylight design helps you save energy.

Suppose you feel a bit uncomfortable with large window in your bathroom but want the natural lighting, you can add curtains so you will enjoy privacy and sunlight. However, ensure you do not use the translucent curtain so sunlight will enter your bathroom even though you close down the curtain.


There are many people who have the misconceptions on wallpaper. They generally associate it with the old styles. However, wallpaper is making comeback. You may go as subtle and bold as you want. You may use this as accent and use solid textured color wallpaper.