6 May 2021
Fishing in Reel Affair

Fishing in Reel Affair


Are you interested in fishing? Do you look for a Reel affair?  Then year is the Reel affair fishing charter which will be operating out of the mirror formula and offers many kinds of fishing both based on the private charter as well as the shared charter. There are many kinds of fishing and the warm currents in the Merimbula are home to the game fish like albacore, yellowfin, black blue as well as striped marlin, striped tuna, broadbill, tiger sharks as well as Mako.  All the fishing charters of this Reel affair are serviced by the skipper as well as the first mate for providing the assurance that you will be having a day of fishing which is excellent and fantastic.

Reel affair

The best fishing charters

One will not regret it at all for fishing in the Reel affair fishing charters as they have the bookings open for the people who are very much interested in fishing and also with the best facilities provided.  Onboard, there are so many features like tea well as coffee, bait, tackle, light morning snack along with the licensing requirements.  The guest has welcomed to BYO any food or the alcohol they may wish for throughout the day.

Anglers number will be varying on the board by the type of the fishing for giving the assurance that you have plenty of space as well as the comfort which is provided on the word and the passengers you are wishing just for the observation of the days fishing are also welcome and for more details on each of a fishing charter along with options, you can click on the link which is available over the website of the Reel affair and for the type of fishing which you are wishing for interested in particular kind of fishing.

 If you are looking for the accommodation in Merimbula you can check the lodge which is named the fisherman’s lodge and this is owned by the Reel affair.  On the fishing charters, there are also gift vouchers that are available, and you can contact the team to take care at any time and for discussing your needs and wants.

All the charters will be departing from the public wharf which is the main one in the market street Merimbula and this is opposite the hotel names as the Lakeview hotel. There is no requirement for the new south wales fishing license while doing fishing on board of the reel affair.


This is really a good facility and one will enjoy themselves while fishing without any hassle. For detailed information regarding the reel affair and its features, you can check into the website and plan for the great day with reel affair.