6 May 2021

Types of dice games you should know about

There are many dice games, surely, we each have a favorite dice game. We will try to summarize the most popular dice games. Click here to know about lotto.

Liar poker with dice

You have five dice with six symbols of the poker cards each: aces, k, q, j, eight and seven. With the help of a beaker and traditionally on a green mat, you have to get winning combinations of poker (couples, threesomes, full, poker, repoker …) By throwing the dice in or out of the beaker (with only one roll per die). The more pieces left inside, the more mystery there will be in the play. If the next player in the round “believes” the combination that is passed to him, he must bet that he will reach a combination with a higher value. The more progress is made in the round, the greater are the combinations that are wagered, so in general there is usually a lie in between, hence the name of the game.Visit this site to know about lotto.


One of the most common family games. Who has not played parcheesi as a child or as an elder? In this game in which you try to turn the board around with the possibility of another player’s card sending you back to the exit, the dice decide your luck and your progress through the grid.

Goose game

Another children’s classic: you advance along a spiral board to get to the center first, dodging dangers like the well, the jail …

Generate it

Another game that combines poker figures with traditional dice (numbers from 1 to 6). It is played by pointing the scores of each player on a grid and each of the figures or combinations has a preset value in points.

Finally, we are going to talk about the most popular dice game in casinos, the craps. Even in online casinos! You will be able to learn the classic rules of the game if you don’t know them yet. For your doubts about the variety of online games, in our free games section we explain the rules and how to participate without spending pesos, download or register, so you practice before putting your money into play.


This game has its origin in a previous game, old and english, called hazard. The current name goes through the french influence and its landing in present-day new orleans, from the word “crapaud” which means “toad” because of the position the players adopted when they practiced it in the street sitting on their own heels. In the casino version of this game you play against the house.