9 May 2021
Apex Legends

Major Tips And Tricks To Make It In Apex Legends

Gamers are among the hardest to please customers in the history of business, they can be very picky and vengeful especially on reviews. Very few games actually make it so successful that they actually please almost everyone. Apex legends is one of these games that actually needed no introductions. Gamers simply loved the game and we are sure that you would too. With a world record-breaking game in their hands, apex legends hack quickly hit the game and attempts at apex legends cheats and apex legends aimbot are the fair game just to get an advantage over other players. Below are some of the major things that you can do as a newbie if you wish to at least survive in this amazing new game.

A Titanfall Spinoff

Titanfall is already an immensely popular game and apex legends is based on that game. To ensure that players do not run around like chickens with their heads cut off, players that join are required to finish a tutorial before being let loose in the map. Being an apex champion is no easy task, even if you have apex legends hack tool and apex legends cheat for coins, so pay attention and check the tips below as you continue reading.

The Ping System

This is undeniably one of the greatest features of apex legends. This allows a player to communicate with his team with visual cues so that even if you do not have a mic, you can actually make your teammates aware of whatever it is that they need to on the map. There are a set of pre-loaded commands that range from the mundane to the complex using this ping system. At the touch of a button, a menu opens up a set of responses that your character can say and enact, and mastering these commands will make for overall smoother gameplay and team communication. This will also allow you to be freakishly silent in the game which is always a huge plus.

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The Circle

This is designed to make sure that the players actually run into each other. The fighting area gets smaller by a circle which is actually a force field in the game and any player caught outside of it will suffer damage. In apex legends coins general, It is an extremely good idea for your team to keep hugging this circles boundary. This is the place where combat is less likely to happen early on and you would want to avoid that until only a few teams are left to ensure maximum survival. Players swear by the effectivity of this technique, as many time they were able to reach top three simply by hugging the circle edges.

Team Play

Apex legends is heavily oriented on team gameplay so stick to your mates as often as possible. Fight the urge to go lone wolf as this is the easiest way to get picked off by an effective team. This is not only because you may run into a whole team while you are alone, but you can kiss any chance of resurrection because you are simply too far away from your teammates to receive any assistance.


Weapons are color-coded in apex legends and there is a variety of them plus you can load different ammo for them. Knowing which are rarest is important. COlor coding goes from grey the most common of tiers to blue as the representation of rare, purple being the color of an epic weapon and gold as being legendary. Just knowing these colors will enable you to pick which ones are better and immediately go for it. Legendary tier weapons and gear are the hardest to come across, so always be on the lookout for them.

Learn At Least Three

Learning all eight of the apex legends characters may take some time, so focus only on learning and mastering three. This would give you a little bit of flexibility when playing the game inside a team so you can best choose the legends that fit well together, and the more characters there are that you can play, the better. Another appealing element of the game is that you can deck out your characters with skins that you can purchase with apex legends free coins, which gives your character that signature and unique look.