6 May 2021

Some Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

In as much that the perception of beer in unhealthy or bad, surprisingly there are a lot of health benefits in drinking beer. Well, this is as long as you drink it in moderation and remember that an excess of something is always bad.

There are even some beers that are promoted to be healthy, healthy heart beers are an example, but the problem with those beers is the weird taste that it has. There are also the calories that even healthy beers have that we also need to avoid.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking beer:

Beer helps keep your kidneys healthy

In a recent study done in Finland, it was found out that beer could help in keeping your kidney healthy among other types of alcoholic drinks. In reality, there is almost 40% reduction in the risk of having kidney stone with drinking a healthy amount of beer daily.

Beer helps in better food digestion

Drinking beer in healthy amounts can help in digestion, the dark beer is an example. It contains up to a gram of soluble fiber that is important in your bowel movements, which is unlike any type of wine which does not have any fiber. Fiber plays an important role in our digestion process and helps in preventing problems like indigestion or constipation.

Beer can also help with your cholesterol build up

Along with good digestion, the fiber found in beer can also help in the decrease of unhealthy cholesterol in your body. One of them is LDL Cholesterol, which cause a cholesterol build-up in your blood veins and causes heart complications.

Beer is one good source of vitamin B

Beer contains a huge variety of B vitamins like B1, B2, B6, and B12 also known as taurine. In a study done, in the Netherlands which showed that those who drink beer have a higher level of B6 is their bodies, almost 30% higher than nondrinkers. This level is twice as high to those who drink wine. Beer also has a huge amount of B12 which helps in the circulation of blood that is not found in most food.

Beer also helps in the development of stronger bones

In a recent study conducted in 2009, it was found out that beer has a high number of silicon that helps in creating higher bone density. Higher bone density means that it is much stronger and will not be easily prone to wear or tear damage.

Beer can also help those who have sleeping disorder

Beer helps for those who have insomnia, it contains some ingredients that have been proven to induce the feeling of sleepiness through the secretion the sleep hormone. The ingredients listed were some hints Nicotine and Lactoflavin.

Beer lowers the chances of heart attack

Those people who drink beers have a 40 to 60 percent less danger of a fatal heart attack. This is based on a study in comparison with those non-beer drinkers.

So drinking beer isn’t too bad after all. It could even help you reap some health benefits. Try heading to some German bar dc  for the next beer session with your friends. But remember that this should be in moderation, anything in excess is bad. One unit of beer is enough to reap all the benefits listed in this article. Drinking more than three and you would feel drunk and hangover will be the least of the damage you’ll do to your body.