9 May 2021

Investing in Volatile Crypto Market

Trading cryptocurrency is one of the most interesting activities. The dynamicity of rising and falling of the value is what makes the whole activity interesting. This is the trend of crypto trading and every investor understands this language. Recently the Bitcoin news reported indicated that the price of bitcoin pitched to $8,820 and minutes later it dumped to $8,350. This move was dynamic and traders are used to such trends. The volatility seen in the cryptocurrency market with the bitcoin is also experienced with other crypto coins. When you look at trading views represented graphically by charts, you find that the trend is never static. sometimes the rate at which the value of cryptocurrency shifts is absurd but that’s what the whole process involves. Rising and falling. Sometimes it is not clear what triggers the great move like the one witnessed with Bitcoins a few days ago. However, in that case, it was suggested that there was a convergent of huge sell orders in the $8,820 resistance.

According to a YouTube video released by a crypto expert who was following closely to the price action of the Bitcoin, he says that the surge of the bitcoin to $8,800 could be a sign of upcoming reversal. The argument is that the positive price action that bitcoin experienced implies a possible reversal. This shows that the cryptocurrency market is a pattern of falling and rising value whereby traders must strive to take advantage of it. The pattern is dynamic. Just there are risks in any other investment, trading bitcoin has a risk. However, investing is all about risking and all investors risk finances all the time. According to the trend, if the factual play in full mode, then bitcoin is expected to begin rising back to $ 9,000 up to $10,000 in a few days. It would even take about 4 days to have Bitcoin rising again to such high values.

Back in 2018, Bitcoin news reported the abrupt bottom of the cryptocurrency going down to $3,100. This was in December and this was the lowest value ever recorded in history. Mind you, the highest value of bitcoin recorded was $20,000 back in 2017, and many traders who utilized the opportunity reaped great profits. Investing in bitcoin is just like any other investment, the only difference is trading with bitcoin occurs online and depends on the knowledge of the investor in predicting the rise or fall of the coins. There is so much help from experts who provide charts on the trends of the rising and falling of the Bitcoin. There are also updates and news about the crypto market where investors can tap in and learn about investing and trading in the most volatile market.