25 January 2022

Some facts about tattoos

Tattoos are a way to see ourselves more attractive and for the people around us to notice them in the same way. In a way, people who get tattoos can see it as a way to decorate the blank canvas that is their body . By wearing a small 타투 work of art on your body, you will make your body more beautiful.

Tattoos, you love them or you hate them, the truth is that scientifically there is an explanation for the attraction to a person who has one or more;  When you select your partner, you unconsciously prefer the one who has better appearance and greater resistance good genes.

The shape of the body is indisputably the main aspect, the physical attractiveness;  a woman with a wide waist and hips suggests a better health condition;  a tall man in good shape, gives a feeling of protection and stability, if they also have tattoos, they are more attractive for this.

Attraction for tattoos

Men get tattoos for the first time between the ages of 25 and 34;  women value men with tattoos as healthy. A study revealed regarding sexual behavior that men are more likely to approach women who have tattoos than those who do not;  It also indicates that a man takes an average of 11 minutes less to approach a woman who has her skin etched. Those who get tattoos have greater self-esteem and security in their decision-making, which as a couple translates into greater confidence and stability.


Why are they more attractive with tattoos?

When we modify our physique, we use cosmetics, dyes, jewelry, etc;  A tattoo is a permanent modification, which has also been associated with health risks if you do not have the necessary care or if you have an immunodeficiency.  So, if a tattoo makes you prone to infections, bacteria and transmission of certain diseases, but you have managed to stay healthy, the news is that it makes you doubly attractive to the opposite sex, according to science it is the law of the strongest.

The couple deduces that there is immunocompetence, which in the long term benefits a couple relationship, speaks of good hygiene, good decision-making, security and permanence. Tattoos colonized the bodies . Men and women decide to paint their arms, legs, backs, breasts with different figures. It is not a novelty. The first tattoos are estimated to date back more than 5,000 years . Although in recent times fashion has been reinstated for aesthetic purposes.