8 June 2023

Choose the right comfort for my wig

The comfort of your wig is an important factor to consider when making your purchase decision. Indeed, if you intend to use your hair prosthesis daily, it is better to invest in greater comfort than if you intend to wear it occasionally. Of course, the more comfortable a wig is, the higher the price. So how to choose the level of comfort adapted to your needs?

Legend of the diagrams above :

Black: Transparent part (movie film or invisible film) located on the front of the wig between the top of the forehead and the end of the wig. Different lengths exist (see below).

 Pink: Micro-skin Goldea Hair part located on the front of the wig of certain models: either only on the top of the head ( roundabout ), or at the level of the line (on the left or the right), or on all the in front of the wig. This micro skin gives a more natural look to your hair. When one raises the hair here, one sees the skull in transparency.

White: At the back of the head, the hat has white bands that indicate that it is machine-sewn cotton bands ( braid strips ).

 Light gray: At the back of the head, the cap is a large lightweight tulle where the hair is tied one by one by hand. These are the most comfortable and lightweight models.

Models of hair prosthesis may also have, also, a transparent film (also called: movie film or black cinema tulle in the diagrams below) on the front which gives them a more natural look. We often talk about wig Lace wig for this type of model.

Different sizes of the transparent film exist on models from the smallest to the widest, from left to right:

The cut of the hair prosthesis

Thousands of models of wigs exist. There are short, medium and long ones with or without bangs. Models for all tastes. The idea is to have fun and not hesitate to try new things.

The color of the hair prosthesis

There are more than one hundred colors, for the choice of your wig the ideal will be to choose a model adapted to your complexion. The black, the brown, the copper and also light blond and dark blond and the colors gray and white. Do not forget also the mahogany colors. It should also be known that hair highlights or highlights of different seem more natural.

Here are our tips for choosing the wig according to the color of your complexion

If your complexion is pale, you can turn to warm colors. This will contrast and highlight your face. You can opt for mahogany color wigs, dark blond, copper, brown, dark brown.

On the contrary, if your complexion is darker, you can opt for lighter colors. This will bring out your face and not darken it. You can orient yourself towards the light blonde, light brown, white or gray models.