17 May 2021

Consider watching Superbad, Bring Back Memories of High School

Consider watching Superbad, Bring Back Memories of High School
why are nerd movies getting so familiar? Is it because they are so cool that we can’t get enough of them? Not really, but this genre of film usually needs a great cast to make the movie a hit, it is not every actor’s piece of cake to be funny and pull off a comedy scene that will look natural. Talking about nerd movies you should consider watching super bad if you haven’t watched it yet, it is one of those movies you can watch again on a Sunday afternoon with your friends and refresh memories of school days.

Amazing cast 

The main cast of Superbad is played by some very promising young actors Johan Hill as Seth, Micheal Cera as Evan and or Mclovin played the role of the three young nerds passing out of high school.Micheals and Slater played the role of the cool cop and Aviva Farber as Nicola played the role of leading actresses to watch out for in the movie.

It is not always about the story

The story is about these two high school boys who have been a nerd most of their school days and before they move on to college to different universities they want to have fun for one last time and do things that they have not yet done like get lucky with their romantic interest. To impress their lovers they cross the line to make a great party happen. On the journey to make a great night happen, they go through an exciting adventure. On their journey, they encounter the great police officers who insist on dropping McLovin to the party safely.

comic con

The story itself is a fun filled adventure of these high school boys. The cast for this movie has been chosen well to fit the characters of the film. Each character in the movie was played with the American style of storytelling. The movie can show the geek culture and the cool kid’s culture of high school kids.

Geeks are cool and can be bad boys

Even though the story revolves around the two boys who try to have a one last great night, Mclovin the supporting actor in the movie is the most adorable, geeky and brave character in the film. Mclovin creates a fake ID to buy alcohol for his friends and gets involved with the cops, but only for the better he becomes friends with the police. The cops see their younger days in Mclovin and want to prove that cops also can be fun.

A great movie to watch with friends and a movie that you can watch more than once, this movie has an excellent rating on IMDB and Netflix. A film that is sure to remind you that geek culture is not only about studying but having fun too.