10 June 2023
corporate, wedding & function venue

Choosing An Event Venue? Here’s What You Should Consider!

Planning an event for the first time can be scary. There are so many things that you have to prepare in order to ensure that the event is going to be successful. Corporate events are not easy to plan. But if you know the right things to take into consideration, the task can be a lot lighter. One of the most important is the event venue.

So here’s a short checklist of the most important things that you should consider when choosing an event venue:

corporate, wedding & function venueSize And Number Of Attendees

When talking about the size of the event, the number of people is the number one thing that comes to your mind. Will your corporate, wedding & function venue be able to accommodate everyone? You should verify this information with your client if you are planning an event for someone. For example, if you will have 50 people, choose a venue that can hold 70. But if you will have around 300 attendees, then choose a venue that has a capacity to hold 350 to 400 people.

The Budget

If you are planning an event, you have to remember to stay on the budget. This is one of the biggest concerns that you have to settle first. The budget will be a determining factor of your venue. So you have to consider the time of the year as well as the day of the even when you are planning for the cost. If the budget is tight, have the event on a day that is less in demand. Also, be aware of any additional services that the venue offers.

Additional Services Offered

When it comes to additional services, this includes hiring your preferred caterer or having more servers or bartenders from a company that you trust. Also, you need to consider if you have any equipment that you need or if the venue can provide it for you. You also have to ask if the venue has its own cleaning crew or if you need to hire more people to do the job for you.

Location Is Important

Once you have the budget settled, you have to choose a location next. When picking a location, you should consider if most of the attendees will be able to reach it easily and in time. Have the event in close proximity to the airport or bus stations if your guests are from out of town. This would be more practical. When choosing a venue location, consider the amount of hassle that your guests will have to face for traveling.

Ambiance Of The Venue

This might be the least technical factor to consider, but also very important when choosing a venue. Now, the ambiance or the mood that you want to establish should fit what the venue can offer. If this is for a fundraising event or gala, then the venue should have a fanciness to it. If this is going to be a company party or family reunion, then you can choose a venue that is less formal. This of what the guest would think and feel upon entering the location.

Now that you have everything covered when choosing a location for your event, then you are ready to start planning! If you get confused, always refer to the tips mentioned above and you will never go off-track.