10 June 2023

Best comedy movies to cheer your happiness up in pandemic

We cannot deny that comedy is hugely significant in one’s life. In some way, we all need a source of amusement. We are all aware that life is difficult and that hardship is unavoidable. Whatever people find amusing depends on their personal preferences, and we all look forward to opportunities that will allow us to unwind after watching comedy shows.

People may become so busy and exhausted in today’s fast-paced world that they have no time to enjoy moments and create memories. Watching movies is worthwhile for several reasons, including fun-time with friends and an easy way to alleviate stress.

You can very quickly watch movies online on different OTT platforms. Several analysts estimated that the economy will take several years to recover fully and that the coronavirus would trigger a major financial crisis. Some also projected that top actors, directors, and technicians would reduce their pay to save the film industry and producers. There have been fears that the exhibition sector, which has been negatively affected, would face significant challenges. But without much loss, the entertainment industry is back on track, and you can get access to all the latest web series and movies on Aha.

Know about Husharu

Husharu is a romantic comedy starring a combination of newcomers and existing stars. The story of Husharu signifies a genuine bond between friends.

Since childhood, TejusKancherla, TejKurapati, AbhinavMedishetti, and Dinesh Tej have been all-weather buddies. They’ve always partied and even defecated as a group. The mediocre fellows are proudly ignorant after their Engineering. In a flash, two of them find girlfriends.

Faced with a slew of issues in their families, the friends are in for a nightmare about their life. The second half is all about how they conquer the challenges.

The way relationships are described in Sudani from Nigeria is lovely and poignant. A group of rustic characters are bonded by an intense, raw, and selfless love that is rarely expressed but accompanied by overwhelming warmth. You can very quickly watch comedy movies online on the Aha platform.


Tollywood is the only film industry that has wholly reopened and has planned releases through the end of the year. Both Bollywood filmmakers and critics were taken aback by the success of Telugu films at the box office.

Last year, the measurements were entirely different. People watch comedy shows for several reasons. One of the most common is that they want to fill their spare time with something that will keep them entertained.

After a long day of hard work, we all return home, whether academic, occupational or otherwise. When we’re on a break, we want to do something to keep ourselves entertained. Some people enjoy reading, gardening, and watching movies.

It all depends on one’s taste what one would like to watch. To cut a long story short, we all need some leisure time to be entertained. It would help if you watched movies and series to get engaged. For this, Aha will be the ideal OTT platform where you can find all the Telugu blockbusters to keep you riveted for hours.