10 June 2023
Things that you need to know about animation

Things that you need to know about animation

The explainer video is a short-form video. That it is usually used for sales purposes or marketing. Which highlights a company’s product, business, or service idea in an efficient way. Most of the businesses use this on their landing pages to feature them on the homepage of their website like animated explainer video company. They are using these videos to advertise their products or services. On social media platforms. The video explainer has a list of things in common such as:

  • High quality – the videos need to be high quality in both quality of content and the production. To communicate a brand’s proposition.
  • Short in length – the videos are under three minutes. But the best are often shorter like one and two minutes.

animated explainer video company

  • Match the brand and audience – the videos are best when everything matches. From the style and the match of the brand. And also the customer that you are trying to reach.
  • Solving a problem – this video focuses on addressing a problem. And also explaining their product or service and giving them the best solution they have.

To create your own explainer video. You need to decide what type of explainer you want to create. Here are some major categories.

Animated Explainer Video is the most popular option for an animated explainer video. This is the most often used because of their visual nature and ease of creation. No productions required. This animated explainer video range in style and function such as:

  • Chalkboard – This is an overused but also a popular style of an animated explainer video. The features of writing on a chalkboard or whiteboard. It is popular because of how easy it is to make it.
  • Motion Graphic – This is usually a 3D animation type of explainer video. It aims to tell your product a story using a representation of objects. And also to stir up the imagination of the people.
  • Infographic – this style is using graphs and charts. And also while explaining the key features of your business.

Live-Action Explainer Video uses people and objects to explain. The product or service of your company. The harder it is to pull off the excellent when it did well. This requires a lot of creativity to keep the people interested while watching the video. These explainer videos usually feature a spokesperson. Who takes the viewer through a visual journey as she or he explains the company’s service or products.

Crowdfunding Explainer Video is another popular video style. This can be both live-action or animated. This often includes a combination of the two. This is a video by nature. But it is often run longer as they have to include more information on how they plan to spend the fundraised. A creative crowdfunding explainer video can make or break a campaign. And result in thousands of more dollars raised.