25 January 2022
Reading Books

The Mystery of Reading Habits in the Modern World

Books bring a new perspective in enhancing our knowledge of the world every time we read. The importance of reading books has been in existence since the earlier generations.Celebrated authors and theorists from the previous centuries have made a lasting impact even on the current times. Whether you are talking about William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Paulo Coelho or Yuval Peres, one thing that stands out is their unique approach to writing and distinct style of storytelling. Thinkers, mathematicians, researchers and philosophers have brought a new dimension to the way we see life and interact with it.

A Decline of Reading Books in the Current World

Though there are several benefits of reading books, we see a sharp decline in this treasured habit in the current times. A leading cause is the effect of the digital revolution. Digital and social media that is wholly different from literary scripts is taking over every aspect of the world. With instant results offered by electronic media to individuals, the literary structure of good-old books is witnessing a significant decline.

The development of technology is another prime cause of the decline in reading habits. eBooks, audiobooks, and podcasts are replacing traditional books andare reducing the charm of reading.

Reading books

The way schools teach children about reading has also changed drastically in modern times. Schools are increasingly letting children decide whether they want to develop a reading habit. This fragmented approach adopted by schools worldwide is promoting a bunch of millennials who show no interest in reading.

The rise in the complexities of the academics itself is a striking cause why individuals don’t read books. The improved syllabus in academics has left youngsters and young professionals with no option but to oversee the benefits of reading.

A Drastic Change in Reading Patterns

The effects of new-gen developments clearly show reading is not considered a pleasure anymore. Electronic gadgets, including smartphones, have taken away the delightful moments reading brings with it.Even mathematical research books by Yuval Peres are available in digital versions. The alarming concerns about the decline in reading habits are only expected to amplify with the advancement of technology.