9 May 2021
learning disabilities singapore

How to Cope with Learning Disabilities

When a child is diagnosed with learning problems, they may not learn something for a reason that is not even close to the disorder. This may be due to the lack of creativity in which the lesson is presented. For example, if a teacher teaches a lesson and she speaks in a soft and even tone that does not rise or fall, she is likely to have more children who fail in her class because most of them will sleep.

learning disabilities singapore

Coping with learning disabilities

Instead, you should change your way of learning and show some enthusiasm, otherwise, you may require your class to take turns reading. While some students may study in this way, others may have difficulty learning because their voice calms and calms them. The teacher may soon suggest that the child has learning disabilities singapore.

These cases occur all the time, however, if your child is diagnosed with learning problems, you should contact them. You can also determine if the method used by the teacher is a problem. If you do not notice that it is difficult for the child to study, but comes home with unsatisfactory grades, you can sit in one of your child’s classes to determine how the child listens to the lessons taught. When you and your child go home, ask them the same questions that the teacher asked them to find out if your child can answer your questions. Often, distractions are misunderstood due to learning problems.


If you have trouble deciding if your child really has a learning problem, check it. There are many tests a school or health care provider can do to determine if your child needs additional tests or if their learning ability should be assessed differently.