7 May 2021
earn bitcoin

Best Ways of Earning Bitcoin in 2020 – No Investments Required

Bitcoin, the king of all cryptocurrencies, is still the tasty morsel for many crypto enthusiasts. Despite bearish trend, one BTC is not cheap, it costs over $10,000. Would you like to earn Bitcoin but do not have much money to invest? Here’s the guide on how you can get the free bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Earn or Buy Bitcoin?

Answer is both! Suppose you have many funds, you may invest in BTC –it is always the wise choice. But, if you wish to earn bitcoin on own, there are many options available on internet. Even though it is not much profitable as it appears, patience and consistency can still help you to grow the crypto assets much faster.

Get BTC by Clicking Ads and Watching Videos

The simplest method to make BTC is by using Bitcoin faucets. Are you wondering how? The bitcoin faucets are the reward system that is made in a form of app or website: this provides the reward in a form of Satoshi (one Satoshi is hundredth of millionth BTC). The visitors have to complete the tasks that are described by website. Some other faucets offer alternative cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Apps Rewards in BTC

As over 50% of the Internet user’s access internet from their cell phone devices, possibilities for getting cryptocurrencies from the smartphone are also increasing. On a wave of BTC popularity appeared plenty of apps connected with earnings of cryptocurrency. Just like computers, you can also do mining on the smartphones. Amount of currency you can earn in such case generally depends on power of its processor device.

Complete Micro-Tasks

The micro-tasks will range from watching the ad to helping somebody else just by completing the request they have listed on the marketplace. The micro-tasks are becoming the simple way to get and you see such opportunities every time.