18 June 2021


  • Music Studios In MelbourneCan Give You The Best Music Experience

    - Oct 17, 2020
    If you are a musician in Melbourne, pat yourself on the back! You are in one of the places that have a happening music scene. The city is home to a beautiful community of diverse artists...
  • Tips to learn piano on online

    - Mar 2, 2018
    Music is loved by people and responded by every single organism on this world.  It is truly a spirit of god.  Listening to the music creates magic inside us. The listener can experience many benefits on...
  • World class percussion mallets – Vic firth

    - Feb 13, 2018
    Drum sticks are a type music instrument accessories used for beating the drums and drum kit to produce music beats. It is a long cylindrical stick with shaft, shoulder and tip. The tip of a drum...