10 June 2023

What Are My Chances Of Successful Migration?

If you are planning to make a big move, either on your own or with a family, you must look into whether or not you qualify before trying to apply for migration. It is important that you consider the following information, but you should understand that there is no guarantee of a positive outcome. You can be perfectly eligible, but you can still be denied for reasons such as there having been too many approved applications.

Fluent Language Skills

You have a good chance of qualifying if you already speak the language and can read and write fluently. For example, with Australia immigration from Dubai is relatively easy because most people in the UAE can speak English and will pass the language tests involved in the application process.

Recognized and Required Professional Skills

Most developed countries will have little to no need for your skills, to put it bluntly. However, there are many professions that these countries have vacancies for but a shortage of skilled prospective employees. Especially if you are seeking US immigration, for example, your skills and qualifications could be your ticket there. If you have work experience that you can demonstrate, you have a significant chance of acceptance.



If you have a reliable and credible sponsor who is willing to vouch for you, you might just have it made. If you have been invited by a well-known company, for example, looking to hire you for an important job, officials will be unlikely to reject your application. Make sure the right documentation and sponsorship letters are provided with the forms. You need to know what work permits or visas to apply for accordingly.

Clean Background

Ideally, you should have a clean bill of health and no criminal charges to speak of. Just about every country requires these boxes to be ticked, or applicants have significantly lower chances of getting in. They will consider these along with your work experience and qualifications, as well as your previous education records.

Family and Dependents

Some countries are more likely to accept you if you are applying with your immediate family, while others will not want to have several dependents or unskilled individuals entering their nation. You must make sure you check on all requirements and what the country’s definitions of dependents and minors are. Depending on the circumstances, you may have a slimmer chance of approval, but there will still be a chance nevertheless.

If you have any or all of the above on your side, you can be sure you have a good chance of getting into the country you are trying to migrate to.