10 June 2023

The benefits of excessive cleanliness in the workplace

Beyond hygiene, a clean office means your employees are happy and healthy. It improves employee morale and readiness, allowing them to focus on areas that are ultimately more important than cleanliness. If you follow the measures carefully then you can improve the productivity in your business.

A clean workplace also creates a good brand image for potential customers. It makes potential customers understand what you are promoting and that you are reliable {professional}.

As a service buyer, it’s best to set expectations for cleanliness, performance and quality of repairs up front and make sure the service provider meets them. This can be achieved through well-designed contracts, efficient work processes and the use of equipment and automation, which can increase productivity and reduce reliance on additional labor.

What are four approaches to meeting high demands?

Ensuring that workplaces and business premises are as clean as possible requires a balanced and comprehensive approach. Start with the following

Establish cleaning procedures, use tools and equipment

A defined commercial cleaning services sequence/procedure, following an optimal strategy and using the right tools will help you achieve better results. The cleaning process is as follows

  1. Preparation and verification – put on personal protective equipment (gloves, coated overgarments, etc.), check condition of tools, mark work area, check strength of chemicals used, remove furniture and obstructions to begin the cleaning process
  2. Clean up spills and stains – remove spills with a vacuum and spray tested stain removers on carpets and floors.
  3. Vacuuming – vacuum carpets, one at a time, from farthest to closest, and clean again. Use a vacuum cleaner with attachments.
  4. Empty the garbage can – tie the garbage bag and put it in the large garbage can.
  5. clean horizontal surfaces – spray cleaner on cleaning tools and wipe down horizontal surfaces such as desks, cabinets and desks.
  6. clean the pantry – repeat the above procedure for the pantry. Check for food waste that has been left there all day. Sweeping and mopping (wet mopping) is mandatory.
  7. Pick up and finish work – ensure that the necessary work is done, take rejected goods to the designated sorting area, remove tags, return equipment and tools to the shop, then wash fingers and observe personal hygiene.

As the buyer of the service, you should explain to the cleaning company in advance what equipment and expertise will make the cleaning process more efficient. If your office has its own equipment, it is your responsibility to keep it in good working order. Always emphasize to the service provider that cleaners must be trained in the proper use of the equipment and devices on site.