6 May 2021


You might be having a house a or any business apartment and usually wonder what will happen if by chance or bad luck wind blows off the roof of your house or business building. Your personal secrets and information that might be exposed to the public and this will lead to shame or maybe it is a business house people and other thieves will end up stealing the properties which result to a great loss. To avoid all these problems DKI’s is there to help you cover the immediate repair and clean up a process to make sure everything comes back to normal within a short period.


Many companies will come to help you solve but they create or leave you more at a loss than the repaired thing could have been left that way and build a new one. One the roof is blown companies will start claiming that we need to destroy this and build a new one or we should add this, just to create mere excuses and reasons to increase the cost that you will have to pay.

They don’t come to help you solve the problem that they only see is a niche to make more money so being careful. We DKI’s wind damage roof repair at a low cost and we never create the reasons to make you pay more money. We have more experienced workers who are able to repair only the damaged part and leave the house stronger than it was before. We also respond to your calls immediately and we will reach the scene within two hours depending on the distance of the scene where the damage has occurred.


During repair, we will be repairing exactly the damaged part while another group will be cleaning all the places that were identified during the damaging process. We usually make sure the repair and cleaning process takes little time as possible, we don’t spent weeks on your work thus will be holding your activities lame and you may have a loss. DKI’s ensures the process has taken a short period and that does not mean that we will hurry and do the work anyhow just we want to finish and walk away. No, that is not the case we have experienced and skilled workers who have done it over years so they will hurry because they know what to do. We have potential workers who work their best to make sure your place to look or to more pleasing than it was before the damaging occur.

We are determined to serve our customers and make sure they live a good life free of stress. For more information please contact us we will give you more information about the wind damage roof repair. Don’t let your house be destroyed and no quick action on it, make a plan make sure your future is in safe hands of DKI’s who are more than willing to do their part more effective and we are only waiting for you to contact us and we respond immediately.