29 May 2023

Moving Large Furniture? Check Out These Useful Tips!

Planning to move your large furniture to other places? Well, the process is as simple as you may expect. Actually, even a simple man can safely move large furniture pieces such as bed frames, big cabinets, mattresses, and chairs with the use of right moving methods and tools.

In today’s article, you’ll learn some useful information on how you can safely move your large pieces of furniture to your next house, in the attics, or even to a new apartment.

RemovalistMoving Furniture Tip #1: Ask for a Help

One of the main concern here is not just about the furniture itself, but for your own safety as well. You may contact your friends and family to ask for help or an extra pair of hands to make it easier for you to move your large furniture to other places. However, if you can’t find any volunteers, you can use services like removals Ipswich to provide moving services for your needs.

Moving Furniture Tip #2: Plan Your Trip

Set a schedule and know exactly what you will be moving and where to place it. Check for unwanted residues that might cause possible dangers such as icy outdoor stairs, banana peels, plastics, small toys and etc.

Moving Furniture Tip #3: Remove Moldings

It is common that some large furniture pieces may bump against your doorways, so to avoid it, remove any molding on your doorway to create extra space. This will help to avoid potential accidents and damages to the doorway. It is also recommended to cover your furniture with protective pads to create protection to doorways.

Moving Furniture Tip #3: Make Use of the Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are used to give protection on both hardwood and carpets from getting damaged during the moving process. It is usually a great idea to leave it as is on the floor even after your move is done.

Moving Furniture Tip #4: Make Use of the “L” Method

If you have large chairs during the moving process, using the “L” method will help to get through the doors. Oftentimes, large chairs can be hooked through small doorways. Make sure to turn the chair on its sides while backing the long end of the L shape, then rotate the chair to give an entry to the other end of the doorway.

Moving Furniture Tip #4: Heavy Duty Work Gloves

To protect yourself from getting hurt by your large pieces of furniture, it is important for you to wear heavy-duty work gloves. Wearing these gloves can make your fingers and hands away from the dangers such as getting it cut, scratch, or swell.