8 June 2023
access control singapore

Features of access control system

An access control system acts as the security guard which provides the security to a greater extent. This unit can meet the security needs that are required in a different scenario. Grab all knowhow about the access control singapore that can be used for the safety side.

access control singapore

  • These door access systems are the type of door lock that can be used as a keyless system to promote security for entering the home, office, and even into apartments or any buildings. This permits only authorized individuals to get entry to the premises.
  • Most of the access systems require individuals to have a verified valid card or else a PIN to open the door. If anyone feels difficult to carry the card or hard to remember the PIN code, can try the biometric door type of access system. This is best suitable for office and even for home. The office can use the biometric system for implementing an attendance system along with time to ensure and monitor the attendance of employees. It also helps to know the total hours of working period and thereby enhance the efficiency and accuracy in the maintenance e of record.
  • This has proved to be the cutting edge for safety, where access to the place can be monitored frequently. There is an option of art biometric control which includes the recognition of face and fingerprint to get the entry to the premises. The integration of fingerprint type of door allows access by using the fingerprint of an individual. The only task to be done is to scan the finger and get entry to the premises.