9 June 2023
telescopische geleiders

Are You Looking For ATM Equipment of Telescopic Slides? You Need To Know This!

Are you familiar with Chamberlan? Those of you who are engaged in the industry will know. Chamberlan is a trusted manufacturer of conductors for your industry. They offer a variety of products including linear conductors, dual handles, pull-out telescope guides, and telescoopgeleiders.

What Products Chambrelan Offered?

Several product applications have been developed by Chamberlan. Apart from linear conductor products, dual handles, pull-out telescope guides, and telescoopgeleiders. They also have providedATMs, rolling stock industry, industrial machinery, protective hoods, special vehicles, electronic shelves. The following are some explanations of the product application made:

  • ATM equipment, vending, and self-service. In the area of ​​vending machines (banknotes, coffee, cans, etc.). The maintenance of the various modules should be as simple as possible. Industrial ball-bearing slides should be as compact as possible to leave room for the contents.
  • Telescopic slides and linear guides in the rolling stock industry. In the railroad sector (rail, tram), reliability and longevity are the two axes of component selection. Reliability because passenger safety is paramount. Tailor-made solutions are offered to meet very demanding specifications.
  • Industrial Efficiency is a key concept for industrial machines used in production. The slightest breakdown or circumstance that causes the machine to stop results in a brief loss of efficiency in the production process and therefore costs.
  • Reliable Mounted on the RA44 telescopic slide, this cover prevents unauthorized access to the controls. Since the load to be supported when extended is minimal, these slides can therefore be mounted on the bottom.
  • A solution dedicated to vehicle fixtures involves a rigorous selection of components to meet the requirements of the automotive sector (vibration, shock, humidity, etc.). Linear guide systems must function efficiently even in the toughest applications.
  • Electronic This low-cost solution saves space and improves maintenance conditions and costs. The high drawer height requires the use of a stabilizing slide at the top to avoid the “wobble” phenomenon.