9 June 2023
Donate piano nyc

Donate Pianos to Paint For a Noble Cause at the Sing for Hope Organization in NYC

Sing for hope is a creative organization that helps thousands of patients and caretakers in New York City to recover from their illness by listening to soothing music played by the volunteers. Their healing hearts program brings healing power into the Healthcare facilities by acting as a therapeutic in reducing the pain and enhancing the health of the patients. They perform live in public spaces for uplifting the mental and physical health of patients, visitors and the staff. Collaborative concerts and bedside performances provide patients an eternal experience through music to forget the pain and enjoy their life in a healthy way. The organization encourages these patients to participate in workshops such as mask making, painting exercises, and group song writing.

Donate Pianos NYCDonate piano nyc

Sing for Hope Pianos is a community initiative that places thousands of pianos in the 5 boroughs of New York City every year.  Pianos are made to be appealing and artistically designed to attract people to play. After a period, these pianos are donated to the healthcare organizations and other community-based organizations to give them to under-resourced musicians. You can also Donate piano nyc organization but ensure that the functionality, sound and the originality of the pianos remain intact. It should be unpainted and the internal mechanism should be in good condition and you cannot remove any part of the piano. Artists can apply for the painting events online for free. Each artist should apply with a new design concept every year and you can also apply as a team of artists. The application should include your resume and one rendering of the proposed piano design. Bring vertical and baby Grand pianos in different shapes and sizes for the event. Artistic designs can be proposed in any medium and the organization will supply the paint materials. All the pianos must be independent artworks and it need not carry any theme. Designers from all over the world can participate but the accommodation and travel needs must be taken care. Each person will be given a newer instrument by the organization and they can suggest new ideas after seeing the assigned instrument. Painted pianos are kept anywhere in New York City and the place of the instruments cannot be suggested by the painter and also visitors may not view the painting events.

Sing for Hope Donation

This wonderful, compassionate organization has uplifted the lives of thousands of patients to feel good about their life once again. You can also contribute to their amazing work by donating a small amount to the organization voluntarily. Donations can bring hope and inspiration to plenty of hospitals and schools with patients and children in need. There is a onetime and a monthly donation option which includes three different types of gifts such as General, Honor and Memorial and the donation starts from 50 dollars. Help Change someone’s life in a better way!