5 June 2023

Why it is necessary to get a dedicated proxy

There is no soul in the world that hates music. Some people are extremely talented that they are capable of creating such music. But they may not know how to make your music reach listeners. They fail to market their music. Only if your music is exhibited you get a chance to get popular. If you get more soundcloud plays then it is quite obvious that you will end up with a hit music. You can reach people more easily. You can create a soundcloud play for your audios and spread it to become viral. Or you can try soundcloud promotion, through which you will be able to make it more popular.

What is a proxy?

Many people have doubt that whether they could buy as many soundcloud plays as they want. Yes it is absolutely possible to get as many soundclouds you want to play using proxies. The proxywill help you to increase the number of fans, followers, likes and reposts. When the bot reads the number of users using the website then it is sure that it will rank up. But there is an issue that if one single ip continuously using or visiting the site. This problem can let the website blocked. With the help of proxies the bot will not be able to track back to your computer. Hence there will be no chance for your account getting banned.

Issues with free proxies

It is necessary to buy the right type of proxy for your account while using a soundcloud. Try to avoid free proxies for your account. They are not safe as the soundcloud bot could read them with your identity. Or the price might be your privacy. Also there are chances for getting malware into your system. Even if you try to use legalized proxy that are free, still there are chances for slowing down. They will not be able to run the bot as they may not have proper resource.Hence, it is always good to buy authenticate, and dedicated proxies or package of proxies to manage your audios online.