8 June 2023

What the Electric RC Helicopter Reviews Say Is the Best

If you are interested in finding a top notch RC helicopter, then you can spend a lot of time looking at electric RC helicopter reviews to see which is the best to buy out there. You will probably find that if you search around enough, you will find that 10 different sites will offer you 10 different suggestions on what is the best one to get. This makes it hard to make a good decision.

Before you go evaluating those sites, here are some good suggestions that you can count on, which will give you some good options for finding a great electric RC helicopter.


Blade 130 X BNF –At about $250 this is a rather expensive RC helicopter, but it is well worth it. This is the most powerful helicopter that you will probably find, especially because it provides the greatest maneuverability of any comparable helicopter. This is a great copter for those who are a little more experienced in flying these devices. They come with a small engine but provide a lot of power for what you may want to do.

Walkera V450D01 – This is a helicopter that has a great look and is a lot of fun to use. This helicopter flies extremely well, with a 6-Axis gyro system, making it ideal for flying, even for those who are beginners. This is a seven-channel radio program, the Devo 10, and provides some of the best communication between the copter and the control. This helicopter comes out of the box totally ready to use and the learning curve on it is not too challenging at all. You will find that if you are a beginner, this is pretty easy to fly, but for those who are veterans you will be able to get a lot of fun use out of it. This helicopter comes with an incredible HD camera that provides fantastic images, either video or graphics, and there is a slot where you can insert an SD card to store more images. It costs about $500 for this helicopter, but it is well worth it.

HeliMax Axe 100 CP – Weighing a little less than 2 ounces, this is a fantastic helicopter that you will absolutely love. It may be small, but you will find that it measures up to the big boys without any difficulty. This helicopter is powerful, and the controller is easy to use with a great sets of controls that will make controlling the helicopter a lot of fun and easy to do. The gyro sensitivity alone is pretty spectacular. You will be sure to love it. What makes this helicopter so great is that it can be used in both the outdoors or inside, but has some struggles with heavy winds. At about $325, it is a reasonable cost, but the capabilities make it well worth it. This is a great choice, especially if you are an experienced pilot with one of these helicopters.