19 October 2021
Wireless Burglar Alarm System

The Basics of Wireless Burglar Alarms

The choice of installing a wireless security alarm system to protect your family and your home should be determined by two factors: safety and convenience. When you evaluate a basic burglar alarm that requires other cable connections, you get a wireless alarm, because it has no wires, and only radio waves are used to create a connection between the necessary parts. This helps reduce clutter and the presence of wires from all places.

Wireless burglar alarm not only provides greater comfort, but also creates lower costs.

You do not need to hire an electrician (necessary for a wired installation) to help you with the installation, but burglar alarm installation London can be done simply by reading the manual and installing each part in the right place. One way to facilitate installation is to first familiarize yourself with all the details that come with your wireless burglar alarm before installation. Let’s start with the main part: the control panel.

The control panel is the main part of the alarm system. He is responsible for sending and receiving signals from other parts of the system and after taking the necessary measures. The action may be to sound an alarm at home, or to report a non-compliance of the controlling company or the police, or even both.

Wireless Burglar Alarm System

A keyboard connected to the control panel is responsible for activating or deactivating the system. Another option for keyboards is remote keys that allow you to work from a distance. For example, you can turn off the burglar alarm when you go to the garage, instead of waiting until you reach the door of your house. Other details you need to familiarize yourself with are magnetic sensors or contacts. If necessary, you can also purchase additional parts, such as monitoring devices or surveillance cameras.

Magnetic contacts are installed in the doors and windows that the thief would have to get to enter the house. After activating your alarm, before you go out or go to sleep, if the contact between the two magnets is broken, a beep sounds.

In summary

If the wireless alarm also has motion detectors, it can be of various types. In a simple configuration, the detector can detect movement, and if there are unusual movements, an alarm sounds. Another type of detector is a combination detector. In addition to detecting movement, it can also detect temperature changes, which can help prevent a fire.