20 March 2023

How To Opt For The Best Xbox One External Hard Drive

Each Xbox one owner would eventually discover the need to buy an external drive. In the midst of all the most recent games taking up as a large amount as 60GB, the internal storage of about 500 GB included by the Microsoft would not be extended around, except you feel okay removing older games in order to make room for the newer ones. If this is not the case, then you have to find yourself the best xbox one external hard drive, which not just give enough storage space, but also allow you to download and install games a little bit faster. However, which is the best external hard drive to opt for?

What to consider for buying the best external hard drive for your Xbox one:

With two 3.0 USB ports, Xbox one permits you to employ simultaneously up to 2 external drives. You will need to locate those with a minimum size of about 256GB, which simply means that some of the better flash drives will be sufficient. Also, be sure that you had bought a hard drive that supports USB 3.0. This is because, the Xbox one will not work with anything else, which is lower. Since, only the newest USB standard assures faster and easier data transfer. While purchasing the best xbox one external hard drive, there are usually three significant things to consider and they are: speed, storage capacity and power source as well.


Storage capacity:

Basically, lower end models would offer you only 500 GB of additional space, whereas the most expensive ones could have the ability to provide up to 6TB that’s not possibly required by most of the people. The intermediates can give somewhere in the range of about 1TB or 2TG or else can give you 2 to 4 times as great as your very own Xbox one.

Power source:

It is also important to have a look on power source while buying an external drive having its individual AC adapter, which runs faster as compared to the one that solely gets it power out of the console it is related to through USB.


Speed is virtually measured by the RPM, which is the rotation of drive for each minute. The Xbox has a RPM of 5,400 drives as an average. But there are also 7200 RPM drives as well as 10,000 RMP drives, if you need to go more rapidly than that.