10 June 2023

What Are The Different Types Of Samurai Swords And Their Uses?

The samurai sword is an iconic blade in Japanese history. It is a symbol of honor, power and dedication the warrior class. The Samurai swords were used for centuries in Japan, but today many people from around the world collect these blades as works of art or symbols of their heritage. Today there are many different types of samurai sword and they can be used for different purposes. However, they all have similarities in purpose, design and use. Here are the different types of samurai swords with their historical origins and how they were used.

The Katana

The first kind of sword that samurai warriors used was the katana. This sword is shorter and thinner than their longswords. The reach of the katana sword was also less than their longswords and they usually carried them with them while on horseback. The katana sword was made to fit the user and was carried by both samurai warriors and their retainers. When the Japanese started wearing armor, they started crafting swords with longer handles that were made for one-handed use because they needed a weapon that would not be trapped in their opponent’s armor.

The Tachi

Tachi is an alternate name for the katana. This sword was used mainly by samurai. Tachi is a rectangular-shaped sword that was wrapped in silk. The tachi was longer than the katana and carried by both samurai and their retainers. The tachi has a shorter blade than the katana so it would fit better in a scabbard that could be worn on the waist or tied to the back of a horse when the warrior rode into battle. This sword was used along with the bow and arrow in Japan.

The Wakizashi

The wakizashi was a companion sword that samurai warriors used to wear with the katana. The wakizashi is one of the shorter samurai swords, but could still be very dangerous because of its size. The primary purpose of this sword was to attack an opponent after their katana was knocked out of their hands or get past an opponent’s armor so it could be used to attack them directly. The wakizashi also was used to commit suicide in the event that a samurai warrior’s lord died and he lost his master.

The Tanto

The tanto is another companion sword that was used by samurai warriors in Japan. This sword is one of the smallest swords, only about 15 centimeters long! It has a straight blade, unlike other swords, which made it very effective in thrusting and stabbing attacks.