10 June 2023

Views of WHO on Electronic Coil

An electronic cigarette is defined as an electronic device that replaces the act of tobacco smoking with the help of an inhaled mist. This inhaled mist will provide a physical sensation of tobacco smoking, and sometimes flavors and nicotine is also added as a content of the inhaled tobacco smoke. This electronic device which is named an electronic cigarette, includes heat to vaporize the liquid solution. The chemical name of the chemical which is used in the คอยล์ is propylene glycol. It can also be named a glycerine-based liquid solution. Sometimes, ultrasonic is used to vaporize the liquid solution, but this method is used in very rare cases. The liquid solution is converted into an aerosol mist for inhalation. This process is the same as the process of vaporizing a solution with the help of a nebulizer or a humidifier.

Which organization is responsible for uses and legality of e-cig?

The main organization responsible for coordinating and regulating health issues in several countries is the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO is only responsible for the health issues of those countries under the guidance of the United Nations Organization (UNO). WHO is a leading organization which leads several groups or individuals if they want to conduct an experiment or research for the well-being of human life, which are under the UNO. This organization also sometimes promotes the rules and regulations worldwide.


Consumption of the tobacco products also works according to the regulations provided by WHO. It is known worldwide that the consumption of tobacco products causes severe damage to the consuming person. It also affects the surroundings of that person. To sort out this problem, manufacturers have got good points to provide some alternatives for those who are addicted to cigarette smoking. Also they got approval from the World Health Organization because it will reduce or totally abstain the habit of smoking which is known as a very dangerous habit.

Electronic cigarette is one of the products which help you if you want to quit the habit of smoking. Electronic cigarette is also known as Electronic Nicotine Device System (ENDS). It is commonly known as E-Cigarette or E-Cig.