10 June 2023
tequila price in singapore

Tequila Price In Singapore: One Of The Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks In The World Native To The Exotic Lands of Mexico

Alcohol is one of the earliest known forms of intoxicating drinks. Although there is no solid evidence to suggest an exact date for the origin of alcohol production by humanity, it is indicated through shreds of evidence that the show began nearly around 7000 B.C. in China. Further evolution and development led society to produce alcohol-based drinks to obtain different features in their drinks. Around 1000 B.C., during such an attempt, the Aztec civilization fermented the sap of the Agave plant and created the earliest known version of tequila called pulque. Since then, tequila has gained more than enough popularity around the globe for its exotic taste. Tequila price in Singapore and several other cities are higher than in Mexican cities due to government-imposed taxes.

Properties Of Tequila

There are specific properties present in the tequila drink. These properties include variation in taste, texture, color, flavor, and molecular structure. Tequila drink at a molecular level consists of only 40-50% alcohol. This is because the sugar present in the leaves of the Agave plant produces specific levels of alcohol on fermentation. This allows the presence of other Agave-based substances in the drink. These substances account for several health benefits in humans. High demand is why tequila price in singapore and other cities in the world is increasing gradually.

Health Benefits Of Tequila

Some expected health benefits of tequila drinks are mentioned below:

  • This drink is considered suitable for bone health.
  • The digestion capacity of the body is increased.
  • Blood sugar and cholesterol can be regulated using this drink.