27 November 2022

Different Types of Prescription Sunglass Lenses

When we were kids we used to wish for eyeglasses, and when we grew up we tend to avoid glasses as much as possible. After 40 years of age, everyone is suggested to have eyeglasses. More or less, we tend to suffer from vision related problems. For some cases, problems are concerning, while in some cases it is considered as natural. Like all other organs at our body, eye lens also loses its efficiency with the advent of time. This is why we need glasses. Now, depending upon your eye related or vision related problems, eyeglass lens and power for the lens have been suggested or prescribed by eye specialist. You can also opt for prescription sunglass lenses.

Different Prescription Glass Lenses

When it comes to prescription glasses, we find different categories of prescription glasses. It is worth knowing about these lenses. One may get suggested with other kinds of lenses and glass types. So, here is a guide to prescription lens for you in brief:

  • Single Vision Lenses – These are considered as the most common type of prescription lenses. They are generally prescribed to those, who have problems regarding nearsightedness, farsightedness, etc.
  • Trifocal and Bifocal Lenses – As per their naming, these lenses come with two or three focal points. The purpose is helping the users to see both close objects and far objects with clarity. There are thin lines to helps you understand whether you want to look near or far.
  • Progressive Lenses – Progressive lenses are similar to the bifocal lenses, but they have some differences. There is no line of difference between near, intermediate and far visions. These lenses are made to offer more natural vision.

Apart from these three major types, some other types of prescription sunglass lenses can also be found. Based on the material for developing or manufacturing lenses, they can further be distinguished into some other categories. For example, you would find polycarbonate lenses, which are shock or impact proof. Similar to polycarbonate lenses, there is trivex lens. These are plastic made lenses, featuring light weight and impact resistance at the utmost level.