9 February 2023
best running shoes


Admit it, choosing the best-fitting running shoe among tons of choices is a very difficult task to take once you are inside a running store. To make sure that you walk out satisfied of your purchase, you should make sure that the shoe perfectly fits your feet from the heel all the way down to the toe which feels very comfortable with every stride you take.

When you are already choosing, however, you always have a few minutes to check out some other models that you find interesting and that might affect your initial decision to buy the one that you’ve chosen in the first place, that is why in this article, let us talk about the best tips in choosing the best running shoe.

 best running shoes

Before you even put on your brand-new pair of running shoes, it would be wise to know all the important details of these sneakers that will be used by you for the next marathons and running events to come, and along with it is your expectations during the shoe-buying process.

You should first understand the purpose of each part of the shoe because this will determine the smallest factor that will differentiate how it affects your overall experience.

UPPER- this is the part everything above the sole area, and usually this is made up of layers of fabrics and mesh that are sewn or glued together. Most current models are either knitted or printed to provide more support for the feet. You should look for an upper that has a similar shape with your foot so that it will not cause any chafing or other injuries if it is too tight for your entire foot to fit in.

ANKLE COLLAR- This is the one that wraps at the top of the shoe opening which holds the heel on its place. Some models have thick padding while some are shaped to provide comfort. When it comes to ankle collars, you should pay attention to its heel slips and how the padding acts with the bone and muscles at the side of your ankle because this is where you can determine if it can support your ankles in case you trip or fall that might affect your Achilles tendon.

HEEL COUNTER- This semi-rigid cup that is layered inside the rear foot is the one that cradles and supports your entire heel. There are models out there that have an external heel wrap to provide more freedom of movement to your foot. Just a fact, heel counters do not fully provide motion control but supports stable landing and strong support.

SADDLE- This is located in the instep of the shoe that serves as a reinforcement of the arch of your foot between the ball and the ankle. The best stability running shoes always have that secure feeling that you will not slip while it allows you to dome or arch your strides during a run.

TOE BOX- This is the front of the eyelets to the end of the shoe and it is often capped with a strong toe bumper which is to protect your thumb from stubbing especially when you run a trail. For toe box, look for the one that allows your foot to flex and can spread out without any discomfort inside the shoe.